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Learning The Art Of Storytelling

storytellingStorytelling is an ancient art that evolved over hundreds of centuries. In the olden days, storytelling was used to pass down historical tales of ancestors from one generation to the next. In the present world, it is often seen as a way to pass some time and impress your audience. Unfortunately not many people seem to have inherited a knack to be an impressive storyteller.

Here are some guidelines to help improve your storytelling skills and captivate your audience as you weave a story:

Set the context

Introduce the context of the story to your listeners by including details like who, why, when, where and how.

Avoid unimportant tangents

Do not include unnecessary details so that the listeners’ minds do not start wandering away.

Be aware of your audience

The story should not have any content that could potentially humiliate or embarrass any of your listeners.

Embellish a little, but not too much

A little embellishment during telling a story is generally accepted but if you tend to add too much the story will drift further away from what the actual truth.

storyKeep it short

Try to keep the story less than two minutes, as anything longer that can cause your listeners to lose attention and let their minds wander.

Pay attention

Paying attention to your audience while narrating a story can help you pick up little nuances of whether they are comfortable listening to it or not.

While telling stories is a natural art, being a good listener also goes a long way in learning to captivate an audience with your stories.

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