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Does Storytelling Help Students Learn Concepts Faster? An Analysis

czl5kjdwiaaeacu Who doesn’t like hearing stories? Given a choice, anyone, adult or child alike will opt to listen to a story rather than hear a boring lecture. Stories have a magical power invested in them. They have the power to draw out human emotions. People cry, laugh, experience fear, pain, love and anger when they listen to a story. Everyone reacts differently to a story. They relate the story to something connected to their own lives. The best part of a story is that no matter how small it is or how big it is, some parts of the story will always be retained in your mind. This concept can be used in teaching children too. If you want them to really listen to a concept, try including a story to describe the lesson. It may be a real life story or an imaginary one.

storytellingatgradedChildren have very creative minds. They will create pictures of the story and memorise it without even trying. The storytelling need not be from the teacher’s side only. Ask kids to narrate similar stories which they know. The class becomes a creative, interesting and fun place which they will all love. When listening to a story, children automatically focus on the details .This is understood very clearly when they begin to ask questions about the story. They will keep you on your toes until you give them satisfying answers. Even the most reluctant students will actively participate in the storytelling sessions.

A story will bring out the imaginative and colorful pictures stored in a child’s mind. Mixed with a bit of learning concepts from a lesson, the story delivered to students will be an unforgettable experience. Through storytelling children will develop their listening skills as well. Wrap the lesson in a wonderful story cover and take the children away into a world they will love and remember forever.

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