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Do All Male Authors End up with a Beard When Working on a Novel?

Working on a novel takes a lot of time. In fact, some writers have to wait for years just to finally tie stories up. You can’t expect the creative juices to just come flowing. You have to wait for some time before you can finally come up with something that you will love as a writer, and the people would also appreciate.

This is why male novel authors have become the subject of people’s stereotype. They say that when you are a male author, you definitely have a long beard. In a way, it is true. If you really are dedicated with your craft, you sometimes forget yourself. You don’t realize that you are already physically unpleasant to look at. You only care about the task that you are supposed to finish.

However, not all male writers act this way. There are those who still don’t forget that they need to look pleasing. Besides, they don’t write full time. Some of them also attend to other things, including their families. This is why even if they are too busy with their write up, they still have the time to do other things, including shaving.

Lesson learned

You must also learn from this experience. This only means that you should not let your job prevent you from looking good. The moment you realise that your face is starting to change and your beard is growing longer, you have to trim it. This is unless you want it that way. Just remember that when you are clean and tidy, you look younger and fresher. If you are still single, it is a good thing. Girls would dig you more if you look fresh. Check out Shaver Guide for more information on the best beard trimmer.

If you decide to become a writer, go ahead and fulfill your dream. You can achieve success in this field and still remain good looking. Besides, you are to advertise your book once it is published. You want people to appreciate the face behind the novel that they are writing. This is also a way of increasing their level of support.

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