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How to Make Story Time Much More Interesting for Kids

Reading is such a great activity for parents to do with their children of any age. It is very important for preschool children as it will greatly help in their language development and inspire them to love books early in life.

You can make story time more interesting for kids by doing the following:

  • No need to follow the story exactly. If your child is too young to understand the words of the story, you can just talk about the pictures and point out interesting shapes and colours. You can even make up your own ending to the story. What is important is to keep on talking to your child to develop his language skills.
  • Cuddle your child close. As you read a story to your child, hold him close to make him feel comfortable and safe in your company. Storytime is a good way to make your child feel calm and relaxed in preparation for bedtime.
  • Be a little silly. Play around with different noises or different voices during the story time. A child has a very narrow attention span and changing your voice or making sounds will catch back his attention to the story telling. You can include some funny acting or make faces to give emphasis to your story and keep the child’s attention to your story telling.
  • Accompany the story with music. You can provide musical accompaniment to your storytelling to make it more interesting. You don’t need to be proficient in playing a musical instrument. All you have to do is produce some sounds effects while telling the story. Playing the banjo while telling your child a story will keep him interested. You can get the best clawhammer banjo for this purpose. You can keep on plucking the banjo’s string while you read the story especially when you notice your child dozing off or losing interest to the story.
  • Every little bit helps. Reading a story to your child will be good for his language and mental development. You can read for a few minutes or an hour as you long as you can hold your child’s attention to the story telling.
  • Follow along with words. You can help improve the language skills of your child by pointing to him each word in the story. This will make him familiar with how words differ from one another, laying the groundwork for his reading skills later.
  • Let your child be the storyteller. Give your child the opportunity to tell his story based on the pictures in the book. You can ask your child also to act out his story by imitating the characters in the pictures. Asking your child to make his version of the story will be good for the development of his language skills.
  • Ask questions. After telling your child a story, you can check how much he understood from your storytelling by asking him questions. Don’t worry if your child is still too young to respond to your questions because you are encouraging him to two-way communication.

Children typically will be bored after few minutes of storytelling so it is up to you to embellish the story time to make it interesting to him and to keep his attention.

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Turn Your Child Towards Creative Writing

creative-writingInspiring a child to write can often seem like a difficult task. The right encouragement might help them to enjoy writing as a creative outlet. Letting the child choose a subject of their choice goes a long way to fire up their enthusiasm for writing. Some tips to help motivate them are:

Find an online audience

Setting up a blog for your kid gives them an opportunity to write for a real audience can make them more engaged with the writing process. If they seem to be at a loss about what to write on, try to prod them towards writing about family events like birthdays, holidays, and celebrations and so on. Slowly this will build up their confidence and enable to write about different topics.

Support a cause

PrintIf your child already supports a particular cause, they can write about it as well. Getting children involved with their favorite causes through writing can help them unlock their creative talents.

Use games to get them writing

Children can be encouraged to write about their favorite games like Minecraft, Mario and so on. They can reviews about their favorite games or even write instructions on how to play them.

Try not to restrict the child to any particular format while writing, there are many genres writing; you never know which one your child will excel in.

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Does Storytelling Help Students Learn Concepts Faster? An Analysis

czl5kjdwiaaeacu Who doesn’t like hearing stories? Given a choice, anyone, adult or child alike will opt to listen to a story rather than hear a boring lecture. Stories have a magical power invested in them. They have the power to draw out human emotions. People cry, laugh, experience fear, pain, love and anger when they listen to a story. Everyone reacts differently to a story. They relate the story to something connected to their own lives. The best part of a story is that no matter how small it is or how big it is, some parts of the story will always be retained in your mind. This concept can be used in teaching children too. If you want them to really listen to a concept, try including a story to describe the lesson. It may be a real life story or an imaginary one.

storytellingatgradedChildren have very creative minds. They will create pictures of the story and memorise it without even trying. The storytelling need not be from the teacher’s side only. Ask kids to narrate similar stories which they know. The class becomes a creative, interesting and fun place which they will all love. When listening to a story, children automatically focus on the details .This is understood very clearly when they begin to ask questions about the story. They will keep you on your toes until you give them satisfying answers. Even the most reluctant students will actively participate in the storytelling sessions.

A story will bring out the imaginative and colorful pictures stored in a child’s mind. Mixed with a bit of learning concepts from a lesson, the story delivered to students will be an unforgettable experience. Through storytelling children will develop their listening skills as well. Wrap the lesson in a wonderful story cover and take the children away into a world they will love and remember forever.

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