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How to Make Story Time Much More Interesting for Kids

Reading is such a great activity for parents to do with their children of any age. It is very important for preschool children as it will greatly help in their language development and inspire them to love books early in life.

You can make story time more interesting for kids by doing the following:

  • No need to follow the story exactly. If your child is too young to understand the words of the story, you can just talk about the pictures and point out interesting shapes and colours. You can even make up your own ending to the story. What is important is to keep on talking to your child to develop his language skills.
  • Cuddle your child close. As you read a story to your child, hold him close to make him feel comfortable and safe in your company. Storytime is a good way to make your child feel calm and relaxed in preparation for bedtime.
  • Be a little silly. Play around with different noises or different voices during the story time. A child has a very narrow attention span and changing your voice or making sounds will catch back his attention to the story telling. You can include some funny acting or make faces to give emphasis to your story and keep the child’s attention to your story telling.
  • Accompany the story with music. You can provide musical accompaniment to your storytelling to make it more interesting. You don’t need to be proficient in playing a musical instrument. All you have to do is produce some sounds effects while telling the story. Playing the banjo while telling your child a story will keep him interested. You can get the best clawhammer banjo for this purpose. You can keep on plucking the banjo’s string while you read the story especially when you notice your child dozing off or losing interest to the story.
  • Every little bit helps. Reading a story to your child will be good for his language and mental development. You can read for a few minutes or an hour as you long as you can hold your child’s attention to the story telling.
  • Follow along with words. You can help improve the language skills of your child by pointing to him each word in the story. This will make him familiar with how words differ from one another, laying the groundwork for his reading skills later.
  • Let your child be the storyteller. Give your child the opportunity to tell his story based on the pictures in the book. You can ask your child also to act out his story by imitating the characters in the pictures. Asking your child to make his version of the story will be good for the development of his language skills.
  • Ask questions. After telling your child a story, you can check how much he understood from your storytelling by asking him questions. Don’t worry if your child is still too young to respond to your questions because you are encouraging him to two-way communication.

Children typically will be bored after few minutes of storytelling so it is up to you to embellish the story time to make it interesting to him and to keep his attention.

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The Balance Between Sensible and Fashionable Footwear at the Music Festival

Attending a music festival means you have to pack your bag well since it could be really crowded there and you might even have to sleep on a tent instead of a comfortable hotel room. Once your favorite band starts jamming, you have to stand near the stage for hours since it is what you came for. In short, you have to find the right footwear to use during the music festival that can easily fit in your bag. It is also a must to find something that is practical for use in a music festival, but is still fashionable.

Find the right size

To begin with, you need shoes that fit. It is important that you can have fun while jamming with the band and not worry that your shoes are too loose or too tight. There are also some possibilities that something would go wrong during the performance. In the event that an emergency takes place, you need to be able to run away easily. Practice using the footwear for a day, to make sure that you are totally comfortable with it.

Check your overall outfit

You need to match your shoes with what you are wearing. Normally, people just wear jeans and comfortable clothes at the festival. They are also usually done during the summer so you need something that is light. This means that you can wear your casual shoes or even flip flops. Just be careful with flip flops though since they don’t give total protection to your feet.

Find out what is fashionable online

It helps if you can check out websites like ShoeRatings to find out what other people have to say about certain types of shoes to help trim down the options if you are planning to buy a new pair.

Once you have found the right pair of shoes, you can now be confident heading to the music festival. You know that you will just have fun and be comfortable up until the event is over.

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What Kind of Preparation Goes into a Music Festival?

audience-868074_640Organizing music festivals is never easy. There are a lot of details that you have to focus on in order for it to succeed. As an organizer, you need to make sure that you focus on every aspect of the event so that people will enjoy and will trust you if you organize the same music festival in the future.


This is one of the most important aspects that you have to focus on. You need to make sure that you promote the event well so that a lot of people would be able to come. Maximize all forms of media that are available. Use free advertising via social media. You can also go with more traditional routes like posters, billboards and flyers. If this is a really big event with major sponsors, you might consider buying airtime so you can advertise to a larger group of people.

The performers

The success of music festivals depends on the performers whom you have invited to come and sing. You need to carefully screen them well so that you can entice people to come without necessarily spending that much. There are bands that are really popular. Finding people to come to watch them won’t be a problem. However, they could be really pricey so they are not automatically the best choice. There are also some smaller bands, but have consistently performed well. They might use your stage as a platform to get more attention. You should consider them.

The location

Music festivals last for days or even weeks depending on what you have prepared. There are different performers and thousands of people to watch. There are festivals that run for 24 hours. This is why you need to prepare the place where the attendees can sleep. There are those who would only watch some performances and would like to sleep in a comfortable hotel room once they are done. You need to help them find a best place to relax and also be able to transport them with ease.

For music festivals though, attendees would rather sleep on the location of the festival. They won’t mind sleeping on the floor. Some of them would setup a tent while others would just open a picnic blanket and sleep. This is why you need to also look for mowing services. The grass has to be trimmed since this is where the attendees will sleep. It is also easier to clean when there is no grass. You may also invest on new lawn mowers and just find people to do the job for you. Check out sites like for more information on the best lawn mowers.

The success or failure of this event depends on how much effort you put into it. You have to work really hard and give attention up to the tiniest details if you want to make people satisfied. For sure, you can organize more music festivals in the future if you succeed on this one.

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Pay Attention To What You Write

how-to-quickly-improve-your-writing-skills-for-your-blog-classibloggerYou can sit for hours and hours, however, may not get a single sentence written to your satisfaction. Yet again, there come instances when you sit down and just begin to type your heart out. The words flow and you create wonderful lines. This is a feeling any writer can and will experience. So what exactly helps this flow and prevents the earlier mentioned block. There are several factors that influence your writing. One big factor is peace of mind. If you are disturbed, anxious about something, frustrated or even sad, you may find it difficult to focus.

writingforwomenYou need a positive state of mind to bring out your creativity. The atmosphere or environment surrounding you also affects your mood. Lots of people think that as you are a writer ,you need not stick on to strict hours or even a fixed desk. They assume that you can sit anywhere at any time and simply get done with your writing. This is not true.

There are times of course when you need to break out of your routine and get a change in the scene. However having fixed working hours and a fixed place to sit peacefully think and write your thoughts is a great blessing. It gets you more organized and you mentally prepare for the task. Another main point which you have to stress to become a good writer is to refrain from simply writing junk. You can frame a sentence in so many ways. Some sentences you read are worthless as there is no meaning in it; the writer just creates a sentence for the sake of getting a word count. Never do this. Every word you write reflects your identity. Your words are your image in the writing world. So make sure you never let yourself down.

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Spin Magic Into Your Story And Leave The Audience Stunned

social-media-data-storiesIt’s not easy to captivate an audience when you are narrating a story. Nor is it similar to reading a story to them. For an audience to pay attention to you and your story, the first step on your part is to know your story. You cannot simply walk on the stage with a thread of your story. You have to be well aware of what you are going to say, how you will present it and how the story will interest the audience. You need to rehearse your act before going on stage. It may seem childish when I say rehearse the story. However, this is a fact.

Actually, storytelling is a tricky act. The audience must never feel that you are repeating a well-rehearsed story .They need to feel that you are describing each line and each character to them from your heart. You need to be totally involved in your act and get the audience to wait eagerly to hear the rest of the story.

storytelling-300x200Humor is a great tool to use in a storytelling stage. Do not take out your frustration or anger onto the audience. They have paid to get entertained and to enjoy a great session. So make sure you give them that.

Your story should have a meaningful and proper end. You should not leave your audience wondering what the story was all about as they leave. The story should have a well-planned structure. Vague concepts should be avoided. While writing a story, you may introduce uncertain situations and solve them later on. However while narrating a story, there is not much time to include uncertain elements. You may also forget to bring them up later before the end. This will confuse the audience and they will keep thinking that there is more to the story. The best and interesting way to keep your story simple, catchy and positively structured from the beginning to the end.

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Recipe To Write The Perfect Story

writingEvery story has a beginning, a middle and an end. It is the job of a writer to connect all three and make the story worth telling. According to Aristotle,  the beginning of a story need not be just the first event in the story; rather it can also be made into the emotionally engaging even which originates at the beginning of the story. As the story proceeds, the middle should consist of the consequences of the event finally leading onto to the resolution at the end of the story.

There are five essential ingredients in any story. If these ingredients are used in the right ratio, you can create a story which will leave the readers begging for more.

Ingredient #1: Orientation

The setting and the tone of the story at the beginning must set the tone to capture the reader’s attention.  The protagonist must evoke empathy from the reader. As the story progresses, the reader will start to care and worry about the protagonist if they are emotionally invested in them.

Ingredient #2: Crisis

A crisis should crop up in the story that turns the main character’s world upside down. This crisis should not have an immediate solution as the protagonist of the story needs to come to terms with it and set the story in motion as they try to overcome this unexpected crisis in their lives.

Ingredient #3: Escalation

writerThe crisis of the story should make the protagonist evolve as a person as they undergo a struggle to take charge of their life in the story. As the story escalates, the main character needs to keep changing while trying to solve the crisis.

Ingredient #4: Discovery

Discovery should be made by the protagonist at the climax of the story through their wit or grit. This particular discovery should help them to overcome the crisis they were facing.

Ingredient #5: Change

The story should have brought forth a change in the protagonist, either good or bad.

At the end of the day, if your story is worth telling, your readers will invest their time to find out what happens next. So make it worthy of their precious time.

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Writing Tips To Reduce Criticism

writing-tipsMost people tend to believe that having an artistic temperament makes it easy to write or draw or paint or even sing. But unfortunately that is not the case; all writers including most of the greatest writers of our times have failed and continued trying to produce work that truly stood out. Authors often receive rejection letters from publishers for work which have later turned out to be a best seller. One of the most famous recent examples of this would be J.K. Rowling’s attempt to get a publisher for the Harry Potter books. Around a dozen, publishers rejected her before Bloomsbury Publishing House in the UK accepted her manuscript. Vladimir Nabokov was also not spared for his book Lolita which later on sold around fifty million copies in addition to being considered an example of classic literature.

writing-manSylvia Plath, Tim Burton, Gertrude Stein, Marcel Proust are all world renown authors who have faced rejections for their books. The common denominator among all of these great authors is their ability to overcome criticism and rejection before reaching the finishing point. Some writing tips from famous authors which may help you with your writing process have been mentioned below:

· The first draft of any book should never be submitted to the publisher.
· Do not use jargon words like attitudinally, demassification, etc. They tend to drive away potential readers.
· Learn to take criticism in your stride. Use it and make your work better rather than mourn over it.
· Read, read and read more books before you attempt to start writing anything.
· Do not wait to be inspired, keep writing and inspiration will arrive when its time.
· Try not to use any semicolons in your drafts. It makes the book seem pretentious to the readers.
· Writing a book has often been described as an arduous and extremely exhaustive struggle, be prepared for ups and downs during the writing process.
Make use of the tips mentioned below to step up your writing!

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Learning The Art Of Storytelling

storytellingStorytelling is an ancient art that evolved over hundreds of centuries. In the olden days, storytelling was used to pass down historical tales of ancestors from one generation to the next. In the present world, it is often seen as a way to pass some time and impress your audience. Unfortunately not many people seem to have inherited a knack to be an impressive storyteller.

Here are some guidelines to help improve your storytelling skills and captivate your audience as you weave a story:

Set the context

Introduce the context of the story to your listeners by including details like who, why, when, where and how.

Avoid unimportant tangents

Do not include unnecessary details so that the listeners’ minds do not start wandering away.

Be aware of your audience

The story should not have any content that could potentially humiliate or embarrass any of your listeners.

Embellish a little, but not too much

A little embellishment during telling a story is generally accepted but if you tend to add too much the story will drift further away from what the actual truth.

storyKeep it short

Try to keep the story less than two minutes, as anything longer that can cause your listeners to lose attention and let their minds wander.

Pay attention

Paying attention to your audience while narrating a story can help you pick up little nuances of whether they are comfortable listening to it or not.

While telling stories is a natural art, being a good listener also goes a long way in learning to captivate an audience with your stories.

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Turn Your Child Towards Creative Writing

creative-writingInspiring a child to write can often seem like a difficult task. The right encouragement might help them to enjoy writing as a creative outlet. Letting the child choose a subject of their choice goes a long way to fire up their enthusiasm for writing. Some tips to help motivate them are:

Find an online audience

Setting up a blog for your kid gives them an opportunity to write for a real audience can make them more engaged with the writing process. If they seem to be at a loss about what to write on, try to prod them towards writing about family events like birthdays, holidays, and celebrations and so on. Slowly this will build up their confidence and enable to write about different topics.

Support a cause

PrintIf your child already supports a particular cause, they can write about it as well. Getting children involved with their favorite causes through writing can help them unlock their creative talents.

Use games to get them writing

Children can be encouraged to write about their favorite games like Minecraft, Mario and so on. They can reviews about their favorite games or even write instructions on how to play them.

Try not to restrict the child to any particular format while writing, there are many genres writing; you never know which one your child will excel in.